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Grandparents Hands:

A program designed to empower men and women over 50 years of age to promote healthy lifestyle choices and reduce at-risk behaviors. We are striving to create volunteer leaders that will serve as HIV/AIDS programs advocates and to teach workshop sessions in their own age group, as well as the younger generation.

Men and women over 50 years of age in metropolitan Atlanta, after participating in the Grandparents' Hands program will be educated about HIV/AIDs, engage in healthy lifestyle choices and reduce their high-risk behaviors that lead to HIV infection.
Participants will attend a VOICES/VOCES condom skills and negotiation training session tailored for those over the age of 50.
Participants will participate in at least one individual peer or mental health counseling session.
Participants will report an increased knowledge about HIV/AIDS and the importance of practicing safer sex techniques for those over the age of 50.
Participants will report that they intend to use condom/barrier methods when having vaginal, oral or anal sex.
Participants will be offered confidential rapid HIV testing.
Participants will indicate willingness to share knowledge acquired in the program with peers or family members.

Did You Know

36% of people with living with HIV/AIDS are over the age of 50.
Men and women in this age group represent 17% of all new cases of HIV/AIDS.
To read more about the growing crisis facing the older populations, Download HIV/AIDS and Older Adults Fact Sheet.

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