May 14, 2018

Telling all.

Talking at an intimate level on the first meeting.

Falling in love with a new acquaintance.

Falling in love with anyone who reaches out.

Being overwhelmed by a person - preoccupied.

Acting on first sexual impulse.

Being sexual for partner, not self.

Going against...

April 9, 2018

The OX (Opiate Exchange) program requires enrollment by the individual, the form for which can be found online here or completed at Aniz Inc. Individuals may choose to remain anonymous, though demographic information will be collected to further understand the needs of...

February 7, 2018

Evidence has shown that blacks are spending money making others rich instead of those in our own communities. Therefore, Aniz has created a list of Black-owned businesses that are located within a 10-mile radius of our office. We encourage everyone to show your support...