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3rd Quarter Client Appreciation

On July 28, 2016 Aniz hosted its quarterly client appreciation event. This event celebrates our members and their commitment to both Aniz and their HIV/Mental Health treatment. We were delighted to have representatives from the Fulton County Public Access Channel, as well as other community partners join us for this celebration.

Client Testimonials:

"The people are so friendly at Aniz, that it always made him feel great! Makes him always want to come back - that is why I Love Aniz. Why I talk about MY HIV status, is because I have no shame -I even talk about it on Facebook - some people have problems talking about their status, but not me - I can be an advocate for those people. And at Aniz everyone is an advocate for the people who can’t speak up about themselves. We have meetings where people can help support each other...the meetings are private and they talk about things that involve HIV, and things that bother us - Aniz it is an outlet for the HIV clients."

- Maurice

"3 or 4 years ago Zina came to my church and did a seminar. Secretly, I came to her and let her know I was one of those people who was affected by HIV AIDS. I had not let my church know that I was infected and that I was positive - she told me to come by, and I thought about it - then 3 or 4 months later, I came and tried them out - once I tried them out, I loved them, and have been coming ever since. I loved everyone - lots of information, and I have been positive now for over 32 years - it was not for God, people like Zina, IDP and all the other agencies that work with HIV clients - I don’t know where I would be. Thank God for the groups at Aniz, Zina, Doris, DJ and others who have helped me through this period. I am thankful."

- Kevin

'I like the atmosphere at Aniz, and what it stands for... I have been positive for 10 years and clean for 21 - I have a lot of people that I try to help, and inspiration and a guiding light to others - I try to show people how to live with HIV and how to stay clean - live to their full potential - all of us have potential and I try to bring that out - when I came here, I saw joy and happiness with the staff - have not seen that in a while - I have truly enjoyed this, I hope everyone can be thankful. Just be happy and enjoy life - AIDS is not a death threat anymore, people are living healthy - and going on with their lives - just think about that - I want to thank everyone for letting me share this."

- Bo

"I have been a part of aniz for over 4 years - and I was inspired by the CEO Zina to join Aniz, but I did not come right away... one thing I can say about Aniz, is the support group that I get here. I love the support group here on Thursdays, they are warm, supportive, not judgmental - don’t point fingers at you. Being supported like that, means a Hell of a lot to me."

- Walter

"I have been a member of aniz for over 5 years, they have inspired me motivated me and gave me hope. I was in a bad situation 5 years ago - and this poem expresses what I feel and how it has helped me."

- Dexter

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