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S.W.A.N.S Call to Action Conference

Thank you to all of the amazing Women & Girls who came out to our first S.W.A.N.S Event!!! We were so honored to serve you and look forward to the amazing transformation to come. Stay tuned for our next event! #SWANS #AnizInc #ConnectingtheDots #Women #Girls #Atlanta

This conference is hosted by our AFLASH program coordinators. AFLASH is a gender-specific program developed to improve communication and decision making skills between Parents and adolescent females. The program also helps to; reduce rates of HIV, STI, STD, and unintended pregnancy for adolescent girls. The program consists of 12 sessions that focus on decision-making skills, healthy choices, coping skills, self-efficacy, self-esteem, substance misuse, and basic reproductive health information.

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