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Aniz serves up an HIV campaign for African-American women - And asks for the governmen's HELP!

Zina Age, Founder of Aniz, Inc., has approached the County government about co-sponsoring a campaign to focus on African-American women and the response to HIV. We are waiting to hear back, stay tuned for news updates as ANIZ LEADS in Atlanta's fight against HIV

Here are the programs Zina is suggesting that can be replicated:

Aniz has a ROSHA Program That focus on African-American women who are living with HIV. ROSHA program teaching them how to connect their stories to advocacy to create change.

Children/Adolescence affected

We Want to know Is a children program that’s geared to teach individuals that’s living with HIV and how to disclose their status to their children and love ones to illuminate secrecy shame and guilt and hopefully prevent in the virus from spreading to the next generation.

AFLASH/AMLASH are programs for adolescence between the a of 13 and 19 who has a family member living with HIV. These two programs focus on HIV/Teenage Pregnancy/Domestic violence & STI. With these intervention and awareness of family status and providing the tools of knowledge.

HIV Over 50 years old programs

Aniz currently, working with Atlant’s housing Authority providing HIV services fo individuals of the age of 55 years & older which is Grandparents hands program. This will be a peer based program for women & men living with HIV in Senior high-rises

HIV Couples program

Aniz SATCH program which work with with couples living with HIV and activity using drugs. This program focus on holistic harm reduction approach for couples with Domestic violence issues.

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