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Mental Health Services

What we offer

Here at Aniz, Inc., we strive to empower and motivate individuals who may be faced with different life stressors and those who may have had adverse experiences throughout their lives including homelessness, substance abuse needs, mental health concerns, and other issues that may affect one's ability to function normally within their environment. We offer a range of mental health services to help stabilize individuals and provide ongoing support and treatment. Among these services include individual therapy, group therapy, substance abuse treatment, and peer support treatment. We have an interdisciplinary team of individuals who are well qualified in providing these services including a therapist, counselor, peer support specialists, case management team, and outreach team.

How to get enrolled

If you are looking for additional support and assistance with dealing with any mental health and/or substance abuse concerns, we are able to assist you at Aniz! You can come in during our office hours or call to set up an appointment with our counselor, Paris Simmons, LMSW, at 404-521-2410.

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