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Peer Support Groups

Looking for a supportive community to help you navigate challenging experiences? Join our peer support groups! We offer a variety of groups, including support groups for women living with HIV, teens and young adults about sexual health, substance use, and mental health. Our groups come with free resources, so you can focus on building connections with others and get the support you need to thrive.

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Ryan White Group

Support group for people living with HIV

Every Tuesday 12pm - 1pm

Our Ryan White Support Group provides a safe space where people living with HIV can engage with others who are living with similar experiences. This group covers various topics that include self-empowerment, emotional support, coping strategies, and HIV education. We encourage every participant to share their unique experiences in a supportive and transformative environment.

Mental Health Group

Open to everyone

Every Thursday 3pm - 4pm

Join our mental health group and find a community of individuals who understand the struggles surrounding mental health and substance use. Led by a licensed facilitator, our support group creates a welcoming space for open discussion, without the fear of judgment. Don’t face your struggles alone - come meet others who have walked in your shoes.



Reaching Out to Sisters With HIV/AIDS

Every Tuesday 11am - 1pm

At ROSHA, women living with HIV can find the support and empowerment they need to take control of their lives. Our peer support group is a place where individuals can learn valuable self-advocacy skills that impact their mental health, substance abuse, and other risk factors. Join us every Tuesday from 11am to 1pm as we build a stronger and supportive community together.

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