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Housing Assistance

"Meet clients where they are"

Rapid Rehousing Lift 2.0 grants provide funding to one of 10 priority areas as part of the Lift 2.0 Homeless Program to house 1,500 households by December 31, 2024. The plan targets people experiencing unsheltered and chronic homelessness in the City of Atlanta.

Aniz Incorporated Rapid Rehousing Department is being funded through the Partners for Home LIFT 2.0 campaign which assists individuals and families experiencing homelessness. It offers a platform that enables service providers to efficiently manage client intake, assessment, case management, and housing placement. Also assisting clients with wrap-around service care to help them get back to self-sufficiency.

Rapid Rehousing Lift 2.0 empowers organizations to deliver timely and effective housing support services to those in need. Rapid Rehousing Lift 2.0 aims to revolutionize the rapid rehousing process, making it more  impactful in helping people transition from homelessness to stable housing.

Currently Aniz Inc. has housed 100 clients since starting the rapid rehousing program in August 2022 and are on pace to house 39 more clients in the upcoming months. The case managers are dedicated and driven to helping clients no matter the barriers.


One of the mottos at Aniz is to “Meet clients where they are”. And that’s exactly what case managers do; not matter the concern we are there to assist. We are currently serving in several encampments in the Atlanta area. We are committed to serving clients in this area and getting them housed.

If you’d like more information about our housing initiatives, get in touch today.

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