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Opioid and Syringe Services Program

Our Program

At our Opioid and Syringe Service Program, we're committed to harm reduction and saving lives. We provide essential resources such as clean syringes, Naloxone/Narcan kits, fentanyl strips, and overdose (OX) kits, guided by licensed clinicians. Our mission is to support individuals in safer substance use practices and prevent overdose fatalities, fostering a safer and healthier community.

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Syringe Service Program

Syringe Service Programs (SSPs) save lives, help those experiencing a substance use disorder get the support needed to regain a healthy life, and reduce the impact of drug use on the community. We can prevent and treat infections and overdose deaths through SSPs. Together, we have an unprecedented opportunity to combat the nation’s opioid crisis while continuing to strengthen infectious disease prevention and treatment for communities everywhere.


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Harm Reduction Education

OX Harm Reduction Kit

Fentanyl Strips

Clean Syringes

Naloxone and Narcan

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